Dearly beloved in the Lord, 

We have commenced the Great Lent with the Service of Reconciliation (Shubkono). As we observe Great Lent, we are called to deepen our understanding of God’s love, and to seek forgiveness for our sins. By embracing the spiritual disciplines of fasting, prayer, and almsgiving, we seek to purify our hearts and minds. 

May this Great Lent be a time of spiritual growth and renewal for all of us, as we open our hearts to God’s transforming love and grace. May we emerge from this season with a renewed sense of purpose, a deeper appreciation for the sacrifice of our Lord, and a stronger commitment to living out His teachings in our daily lives. 

Also, please find below the prayer schedule during the lent period. 


Morning Prayer @ 7:00 AM

Noon Prayer @ 12:00 AM

Evening Prayer @ 7:30 AM 

An English prayer session will be held once a week, specifically on Tuesdays for the Evening Prayer 

SATURDAY:   Evening Prayer @ 6:30 PM 

With Prayers, 
Sujin Achen 



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