Dear Parishioners,

The holy and salvific Great lent started. The holy lent is a pilgrimage, that is directed towards the harbour of salvation. Great Lent is the 50-day season of spiritual preparation that comes before the most important Feast of the Christian year, Holy Easter. This annual season of repentance is a spiritual journey with our Saviour. Our goal is to meet the risen Lord Jesus, who reunites us with God the Father. 

We are called to amend and to change our ways of living, thinking, and acting from within the full scope of our lives in Christ. During Lent, we are thrust into a forum for change, wherein our greatest aid is the incarnate and resurrected Son of God Himself. 

During these days, along with doing prayers during canonical hours, fasting, almsgiving and practising mutual forgiveness, we should be able to cry out and say: “Make us worthy, O Lord God, by Your abundant grace and mercy, for the remission of sins and the forgiveness of debts on​ these holy days of Your Holy Fast.”

Great Lent Hourly Prayers at SGIOC as below: ( Monday to Friday)

o Morning Prayer @ 7:00 AM

o Noon Prayer@ 12:00 PM

o Evening Prayer@ 7:30 PM

o SATURDAY: Evening Prayer @ 6:30 pm

Also, requesting Members to come forward for Confession during the days of holy Great lent.

May God bless us all,


+Sam Achen



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