Greetings Dear Parishioners,

The Christmas Service will be held on , Friday 24th December with evening prayer commencing at 06:30 PM followed by Theejwala Service and Holy Qurbana. Requesting all Parishioners to bring palm leaves and torn / damaged liturgical books etc for the theejwala service.

The Christmas Bumper 2021 Raffle draw will be drawn after the service. Please ensure that you bring along your raffle tickets as prizes will only be given to winners who present their ticket at that time. Winners who cannot present their ticket will need to show their tickets at a later date to redeem their prizes.
As per changes announced by the Victorian government, all attendees above the age of 8 MUST wear a mask whilst attending the church. So please ensure that you bring along a mask and adhere to the regulation at all times.

Thanking all for your understanding in all of the above.

Kind Regards

Jibin Mathew
Parish Secretary



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